Reese Baird

Reese Baird is a successful outdoor and landscape photographer/videographer who is also a co-founder of the organization Vivir Life. He strives to push the limits with his creativity. Reese grew up along the Wasatch Front in Utah. Starting at a young age, he came to realize he was drawn to the mountains and outdoors. He got his first camera when he was 10 years old and started taking pictures of everything. When he received his first professional camera, he saw instant success. His self-proclaimed mission became to capture a snapshot of God’s creations.

Alongside his outdoor adventures, Reese is a Cotopaxi advocate who works with their promotions in trying to change the world by “doing good.” During his childhood, he didn’t have a picture-perfect family life; because of this, he strongly believes that with enough diligence, confidence, persistence, and charity, anyone can accomplish great things in their own lives—no matter what background they come from.

Though he continues to shoot outdoor content for local companies and adventure athletes, as an artist, Reese Baird uses photography and videography as a medium to constantly share and spread his light through his images and adventures. Through his company, Vivir Life, he and his friends have an adventure group and community striving to change others’ lives.